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Prasaanth Vallabhan
2 min readMay 4, 2023


As the scale of a technical company increases, founders will find it very difficult to manage work in between the development of the product over different stages of the software lifecycle.

This is where a Product Manager’s role comes to play.

A Product Manager, depending on the size of the company would be required to drive certain features based on business requirements of the company.

This involves a lot of research and data to substantiate any decisions.

Contlo as a company positions itself as an AI native marketing tool helping other brands bring in leads or customers to their websites. Initially Contlo started off helping ECommerce companies but now are planning to move to different branches altogether.

The rise in ChatGPT has paved ways for numerous other companies to use a chat based interface for all their products. This has produced a completely new avenue in the tech market to create chat based products under the domain of ChatUX.

This model involves providing any features just from chat based prompts similar to ChatGPT. Companies have opened up in many different domains like marketing, sales, finance and even content creation to generate results based on text based prompts.

Contlo is trying to achieve something similar by acting as a marketing software for other companies by helping them send email, sms and whatsapp campaigns to generate more customer leads. It also provides an automation system where based on actions performed by customers, events are triggered in the form of messages or emails to drive more sales or purchases.

Currently with the upcoming launch of, we are trying to change the interface to be more chat based so that the AI model can understand user requests and perform actions that are most relevant and solve business requirements.

My work at Contlo has also been very indifferent. Assisting the company in groundwork and analysis of different avenues in order to figure out what new verticals to deploy features in and driving those sets of features. This involves a lot of qualitative and quantitative research of what competitor companies are working on as well as understanding market gaps of features so that Contlo can potentially implement them.

Although that is not all a product manager does, since he / she would have to communicate with even designers and engineers, a PM would also have to analyze the feasibility of a particular feature, which requires understanding how products are developed technically as well. Apart from analyzing the cost, it sometimes might also involve figuring out solutions from a technical perspective so that the simplest approach can be given to engineers.

All in all, it is a great learning opportunity to learn from and grow in one’s career.